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Jane Eschen

11301 West Olympic Boulevard
Suite 493
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 479-5780
Main Contact: Jane Eschen

Interior Design

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Services & Specialties
Understated, radiant, alluring interior design

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FR Review:
Bespoke, brilliant elegance is her signature, and Jane Eschen is making a mark on some of the finest homes in Los Angeles. Trained by the city's great masters, Eschen worked side-by-side with Rose Tarlow for ten years (during the renovation of the Geffen estate), and for Kalef Alaton for two. On her own, Eschen has developed a design sensibility that emphasizes fine lines, extraordinary woods, and affable colors, offering uplifting livability. Interiors vary in mood from tranquil to dramatic.

Limiting the business to only a few select commissions at a time, Eschen carefully, discreetly and rigorously considers all creative options. A perfectionist, Eschen has only two part-time assistants, preferring to do it all herself. Eschen will do small commissions for just a few rooms provided she has a full budget and full control.

While the standards of the product are quite high, and thus the jobs quite expensive, there is no design fee. Product markups are at the standard percentage, lower on major items and an hourly fee on non-product time. Living rooms are generally filled with the finest, but Pier 1 may be used in the kids' rooms. References report that Eschen is good about creatively rehabilitating their existing possessions—if they're worth saving; Eschen encourages her clients to take their time to collect "just the right things."

Representative Client Comments:
"Jane is deliberate in thought and in deed. Other designers look slapdash in comparison." "I am set in my ways. Against my will, Jane brought me up-to-date—and I could not be happier about it." "I inherently trust Jane." "Jane will not let me get away with lesser major pieces, but she will mix it up with minor items." "Jane dipped our ordinary antique French lantern in silver and created magic." "She will sit in a room for an hour envisioning all that it can be." "She is so dear." "As a top antiques dealer, I see that Jane never pressures her clients. She is very sensitive." "While I did not really want to spend as much as I did, I am thrilled with the result." "A rare asset in the design marketplace." "There is no one better in LA right now." "She cares as much about my house as I do."

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