Franklin Report Report Card for John M. Evans Window & Carpet Cleaning Service in Connecticut/Westchester
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John M. Evans Window & Carpet Cleaning Service
10 Windward Road
Norwalk, CT 06854
(203) 866-3799
Main Contact: John Evans
FR Rated
Window Washers
Carpets & Rugs - Cleaning & Repair

Services & Specialties
Residential window cleaning, wall-to-wall carpet cleaning

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FR Review:
Clients can't say enough good things about the husband-and-wife team behind John M. Evans Window & Carpet Cleaning Service. Established in 1978 by John Evans, the company is now managed by John and his wife Mary Ann, and serves mostly residential and some commercial clients in Westport, Greenwich, Weston, Ridgefield and some parts of Westchester County.

Sources tell us they appreciate the "neat" and "efficient" service that this firm provides and the "moderate" prices that go along with it. Projects are in the 60-to-70-window range and there is a modest minimum for Evans to do a project.

Representative Client Comments:
"Been using them for many years and have recommended them to all my friends." "Courteous, polite, extremely professional." "Quick, neat and efficient." "Gets the job done without the fuss." "Excellent."

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