Franklin Report Report Card for Genovese Electric Co. Inc. in Connecticut/Westchester
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Genovese Electric Co. Inc.
10 Tally Drive
Norwalk, CT 06851
(203) 855-9521

Services & Specialties
Electrical renovations, repair and service

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FR Review:
This firm, established in 1984 by Stephan A. Genovese, takes service seriously. An ordained deacon in the Roman Catholic Church, Genovese preaches the gospel of fine workmanship to his six electricians. The firm's forte is high-end renovations, snaking walls and hanging fixtures without damaging finishes and aggravating homeowners. Genovese electricians move furniture out of harm's way and man a bottle of Windex to clean up any smudges left behind. In addition, this CAT-5-certified firm helps homeowners computerize their homes.

Clients trust the Genovese team, which runs in three crews of two. Every charge is itemized, and while the company's service isn't cheap, it leaves customers singing hallelujah!

Representative Client Comments:
"Nice, good, dependable." "They installed all our incredible chandeliers. We are very happy. Will use time and again." "Because they are so good, they can be very busy. Nonetheless, I always wait as I know the job will be done correctly."

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