Franklin Report Report Card for AirSea Packing in Connecticut/Westchester
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AirSea Packing
40-35 22nd Street
Long Island City, NY 11101
(718) 937-6800
Main Contact: Benjamin Glouton
FR Rated
Art & Antiques Appraisers

Services & Specialties
State-of-the-art packing, shipping and storage of delicate and valuable items

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FR Review:
An international star among moving companies, AirSea Packing specializes in the packing and shipping of art and antiques worldwide. With a client list that includes private collectors, retail brands and interior designers, this firm has operations in London, Paris, Dallas, Miami and Los Angeles, in addition to its New York location.

Consulting services include on-site advice on packing, installation, transportation and safety. The firm also assists in project management and boasts a storage facility offering the ultimate in protection and security. Computerized temperature-controlled facilities, private rooms or racks, a viewing gallery, and restoration and appraisal services round out the menu, making AirSea Packing a “one-stop-shopping” experience for fi ne-art needs.

We hear that the 170-person staff is well-trained and works with integrity and discretion for the well-heeled and high-profile clients it serves. References say that the services AirSea Packing offers are expensive–but then again, so is their artwork. The “door-to-door” estimates given include everything, and are said to be typically “right on the money.”

Representative Client Comments:
“The level of experience and professionalism is high, and worth the price for my piece of mind.” “Thorough and detail oriented.” “Not on the lower end of the price scale.” “Perfect for high-end jobs.”

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