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All-Star Moving and Storage
2525 Tilden Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11226
(212) 254-2638
Main Contact: Rich Barrale
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Services & Specialties
Residential moving and storage

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FR Review:
Clients say that the “honest” and “hardworking” Rich Barrale sets the tone for the team at All-Star, a full-service moving and storage company in business since 1991. While primarily serving New York City, the firm has moved customers as far away as Chicago without the assistance of a van line (it does all moves directly, and never subcontracts any part of the move-out). The firm fields 30 movers, most of them long-term employees. All-Star also offers storage services for clients, and it has a 40,000-square-foot local facility. References report that they were treated fairly, and that the move went smoothly and as planned: generally speaking, this company is noted as an “old-school, no-frills great move.” Free estimates are done on site, and sources tell us that the prices are reasonable given the good treatment they received.

Representative Client Comments:
“All-Star came on time: they were far and away above the rest and everything worked out to our expectations.” “There were no surprises, everything went smoothly.” “Unbelievably accommodating crew, they were outstanding!” “Make sure they explain what travel time they’re charging for.” “They don’t charge for boxes because they reuse them.” “A great experience.” “Professional, thorough and accurate estimate.” “I would not hesitate to use them again.”

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Posted 5/30/2013
Reviewed By:
jaydenn New Rochelle, NY

Bottom Line:
Terrible company please avoid at all costs. A complete scam
Work Quality
Cost Evaluation
Value Analysis
Project Description & Comments:
Absolutely positively the worst experience ever! Don't do it, please don't do it- to yourself! This workers are grossly inefficient and the president Rich Barrale is as spotty as they come.

This is one of those companies that exclusively uses hidden fees to scam, exploit, and drive up costs. I was charged 1.5 hours (145 per hr.) before the job even begun- this was for them to drive from their company base point (in Brooklyn) to my apartment ( in Harlem), just to start the job. Thus, i was charged was charged 245.00 (plus a 28.00 toll fee)- before the job even begun! (Needless to say this absurd policy wasn't explained or told to me until the job was complete!!). This was only the beginning-

The day began with me having to call the office because one of the workers refused to leave the truck in fear, the truck would receive a ticket if he was not in distance to move it if a cop came along. I quickly assured him that I would have my mother in law keep an eye on the truck so that he could join the other workers inside and begin work. (Again for the high 145 per hr price tag all three workers should contribute to the project).

Once inside the head guy began relentlessly tapping all of our goods and spent approximately 2 hours taping my desk, sofa, and two televisions before I stopped him and explained that he could just provide a basic tape job and move on to other tasks because at this point virtually nothing was complete and two hrs had passed. He got very aggravated by this and stormed out and spoke on his phone until I assured him I needed his effort in getting the job complete. THIS IS NOT A PROFESSIONAL COMPANY AT ALL.

I decided to take a step back and try to build moral by grabbing some drinks for the crew. When I returned back I noticed all the workers were huddled in the truck. I gave them the drinks and returned upstairs to see the tiny one sized apartment in the same condition I left it in! 3.5 hrs and still barely anything complete! I had to pull the plug on the job and cut my loses telling them to only bring the taped items and those already in the truck just drop off at the destination.

I now have to get new movers to finish the job!! AVOID this company it is pretty obvious this one of those high rated yelp scam companies- where- mother, brother, sister-n-law are used to write phony reviews. Although you can shuffle through a few of these to find others who have equal resentment in in hiring such a terrible company. Called fraud department when they hit my card with crazy fees, etc. I suggest you just steer clear or be prepared to FIGHT CHARGES IN COURT.
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