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Linda Douglass
85 Pecksland Road
Greenwich, CT 06831
(203) 661-0355
Main Contact: Linda Douglass
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Interior Designers & Decorators

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Pedigreed, refined, traditional interior design

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FR Review:
With impeccable taste, flexibility and integrity of design, Linda Douglass has been inspiring homeowners for over 25 years. Taking on only a select few clients a year, Douglass begins with historic, traditional nomenclature and introduces verve. Unlined, flowing silk curtains, custom hooked rugs and noble antiques are interwoven with pieces from another time or place, heightening the composition.

Douglass is also lauded for her inherent understanding of contextual appropriateness be it a center hall Colonial on Round Hill Road or a family compound on Mt. Dessert. Working alone or in conjunction with Greenwich designer Mimi Horton, the entire house is usually renovated. With the principals doing all the shopping and design personally, patrons extol the process. Detail is another forte; trims and dressmaker folds are always well mastered. While the quality of the product can "shoot the moon," the firm's fees are Reasonable. Douglass takes on a select few number of clients at a time.

Representative Client Comments:
"Linda travels in rarified circles, completely knowledgeable of the genteel look." "On everyone's top-five list." "Linda not only knows exactly what she is doing but is very easy to work with." "The look is traditional, only better." "It is very helpful that Linda and Mimi can cover for one another." "I always recommend Linda to friends."

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