Franklin Report Report Card for Rinfret Limited in Connecticut/Westchester
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Rinfret Limited
39 Lewis Street
Greenwich, CT 06830
(203) 622-0000
Main Contact: Cindy Rinfret
Interior Design

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Bespoke, traditional interior design within reason

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FR Review:
Completing over a dozen projects a year with a staff of fourteen, Cindy Rinfret has clearly won the Greenwich community's confidence. Handsome antiques stand by traditional forms outfitted in black leather and substantial, well-priced reproductions offering a consolidated and timeless appeal. Sensitive to family lifestyles and fluent with the regional finesse, Rinfret knows where to draw the line between done and overdone while still meeting the budget.

Rinfret established her firm in 1988, after graduating from RISD and apprenticing under a number of prestigious New York decorators including Noel Jeffrey and Ann Eisenhower. There she mastered the updated traditional genre, which is ably applied. Rinfret attends all design meetings and her associates follow up. Ranging from one sofa to three projects for Tommy Hilfiger, the firm is said to be full-service and "wholly professional." The firm charges hourlies for design work and supervision and Classic retail on product. Rinfret also works well on a consultation basis with those who go at it more independently. Clients report that Rinfret is good about incorporating their existing furnishings, finding good repro alternatives, and effective about "getting it on the first pass with panache."

For a quick view of the company's design aesthetic, visit the large and fully outfitted new showroom at the bottom of Greenwich Avenue. Clients say that the retail product is "good for a quick fix" but the personalized service is the main appeal.

Representative Client Comments:
"She came over, looked at our family and knew immediately how we lived and what we wanted." "The colors she chose are the colors I wear." "As an architect I have seen it all. Cindy is steps ahead of the rest of the group." "There is a heavy disposition to Stark carpeting and plaids." "As a real estate agent, I can clearly state that everything Cindy does sells very quickly." "She also came up with great architectural suggestions--the mirrors in the entryway completely upgraded space with an illusion of light." "Cindy understands family living and does not push the envelope." "She kept us in mind even after the project was done."

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