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Chuck Hettinger
208 East 13th Street, Suite 1R
New York, NY 10003
(212) 614-9848
Main Contact: Chuck Hettinger
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Painters & Wallpaperers

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Notable decorative painting and color consultations

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FR Review:
Self-taught artist Chuck Hettinger merges the skills and sensibilities of mixed media and decorative painting with great success. Since 1980, he has focused on decorative surface work, including special glazes, stripes, faux bois and marbling. A notable specialty is his stenciling, which is often custom-designed and site-specific, and has been described as “modern and practical.” Hettinger’s mixed-media work is shown in New York galleries, and sold to patrons both locally and around the world. In addition to his other projects, he will do color consultations.

A number of distinguished clients and top decorators recommended Hettinger, labeling him “a true artist” who also has “a sense of humor.” They say working with this witty, friendly and easygoing artisan is a treat. Hettinger hires extras as he needs them, still coming in with final totals in the middle of the range.

Representative Client Comments:
“Chuck likes to stay on the cutting edge, always comes up with unique ideas.” “An uncommon person–you can sense he loves the work.” “Knows what to do and how to do it–beautifully.” “Not the most expensive but if you’re looking for the lowest bid, don’t bother.” “The stencil work is really fantastic.”

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