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Bruce Lawner
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Painters & Wallpaperers

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Wallpapering and interior straight painting

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FR Review:
Called a wallpaper master, Bruce Lawner "has paste in his blood." Lawner has been in business for over 25 years and in addition to being a graduate of the US School of Professional Paperhanging in Vermont, Lawner passed on his experience and knowledge of the craft by teaching there. He now treats area residents to his skill, which has been described as "superb" and "impeccable." Able to work with any kind of paper or textile imaginable, there is probably nothing Lawner has not seen.

In addition to wallpapering, Bruce Lawner handles interior straight painting jobs. We hear that price wise he is on the higher end, but the quality is "so incredible" that customers write the check with pleasure. Add the one-year guarantee to the mix and sources say Bruce Lawner is a great deal.

Representative Client Comments:
"He is neat, timely and very pleasant to work with." "We hope to have the good fortune of dealing with someone like Bruce Lawner when we have other home improvement projects."

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