Franklin Report Report Card for Hamady Architects in Connecticut/Westchester
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Hamady Architects
34 E Putnam Avenue,
Suite 120
Charlottesville, VA 22903
(203) 717-1090
(434) 409-2286
Main Contact: Kahlil Hamady
Landscape Architects & Designers

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Site-inspired residential architecture and landscape design

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FR Review:
Working with Hamady architects is a "labor of love--and time," according to insiders. Principal Kahlil Hamady is also a trained landscape designer who "won't even design the house until he sees the site in all four seasons." With that kind of planning and thought going into the design of a home, it's no wonder clients in Connecticut and Westchester are willing to work with Hamady, even though his office is located in Virginia. The firm is said to be "proficient in all architectural languages," but most often designs under the umbrella of traditional regional design, including Arts & Crafts, Shaker and Colonial homes.

Working on mostly large properties in New England and Virginia, Hamady and his staff of eight has about ten projects in varying degrees of completion at any given time. Hamady founded the firm in 1997 after graduating with a Master of Architecture from University of Virginia and working for respected New York architect Jacquelin T. Robertson. Projects range from $500,000 renovations to $5 million custom new construction. Nearly all of the firm's work is residential.

We're told the firm is highly involved from concept design to construction and Hamady is hailed for his "availability and accessibility." This availability may be compromised by his Virginia location, but clients say "he'll be on a plane that day if you really need him." Because of his immersion in each project, Hamady "truly understands the context and culture" of each project he designs. The firm charges a slightly lower fee based on an hourly rate with a cap.

Representative Client Comments:
"This guy is brilliant, doesn't have an ego, and has a great true-to-form classical approach to architecture." "He just has a great eye for proportions, materials, siting and a distinguished sympathy for existing structures." "His renderings are among the best I've ever seen, and I've worked with the best architects from New York." "There is a real Jeffersonian feeling to this guy and what he brings to the design." "The planning department of Greenwich, which is notorious for being a pain in the neck, said they've never seen such a detailed plan in their tenure."

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