Franklin Report Report Card for Brownstone Brothers in New York City
★ Franklin Report Card
Brownstone Brothers
321 Rider Avenue
Bronx, NY 10451
(718) 665-5000
Main Contact: Bill Gross

Services & Specialties
Exclusive residential moving and storage

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FR Review:
Brownstone Brothers is a veteran moving firm that focuses on larger, high-end residential projects. Serving the New York metropolitan area since 1977, principal Bill Gross has earned a great word-of-mouth reputation among a high-profile clientele. Brownstone’s advantage isn’t based around high-tech trucks or laser-guided rigging equipment; rather, its strength is in its personnel. Most of the movers have been with the firm for a minimum of fi ve years, and all are hired for their intelligence, care, sensitivity and education (“You have to submit a thesis to work here,” jokes Gross).

Generally speaking, Brownstone focuses on large moves, and they will only take on one or two a day. Those seeking to dump their possessions into tote bags and shuffle to a new share across town should probably look elsewhere. Those with a whole home to move can fi nd reassurance both in the expertise of the staff and in a solid insurance policy—Brownstone is one of the few (if not only) moving firms in New York to be backed by the Chubb Group. Of course, operating at the top of the market means top-of-the-market prices, and Brownstone’s estimates are never the cheapest. However, the peace of mind is worth it for many.

Representative Client Comments:
“Efficient and effective. They had a quick response time, and have never broken anything!” “They gave me a bit of a runaround on the initial appointment.” “Very reliable.” “I was dreading moving day, but in the end everything was just fi ne.” “It was a pleasure to work with this crew.”

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