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Michael Tyson Murphy Studio
135 West 20th Street, Suite 400
New York, NY 10011
(212) 989-0180
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Painters & Wallpaperers

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Decorative painting and murals

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A multidimensional, multitalented artist, Michael Tyson Murphy extends his painting projects into the fields of architecture and interior design. His clients note that he approaches the many surfaces of a room the way a fine artist composes a painting. His stated goal is to create a space that works with the architecture of the room, often incorporating custom-designed or custom-painted furniture, or playing off the colors and patterns of existing pieces of art. Rooms are frequently completed by pieces of his own original fine art on canvas.

Murphy began with trompe l'oeil painting as a teenager, then expanded his repertoire through his education at the San Francisco Art Institute and his assistantship with the artist Helen Frankenthaler. His extensive worldwide travels have influenced the effects he creates, from Russian-inspired faux bois floors featuring mahogany, ebony and walnut to mosaics drawing on Portuguese themes.
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