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Harry Nelson Fine Gardens
5916 Northeast 6th Avenue
Miami, FL 33137
(305) 801-4396
Main Contact: Harry Nelson
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Landscape Architects & Designers

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Da Vinci-esque artistic landscape, water fixture, metal work and hardscape designer

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FR Review:
Harry Nelson is known as a virtuoso. Challenging the conventional perception of a landscape architect, he designs his own water fixtures (fountains, reflecting pools, water gardens and lily ponds), furniture, metal work, hardscapes, and even home interiors, if so desired. Clients and references alike are blown away by the results, proclaiming Nelson “an incredible visionary and artist,” who creates “a series of uniquely connected experiences.” They also commend his incredible body of knowledge, most of which he acquired in the field. Nelson attended horticulture school in Miami for two years, but he has spent most of his thirty-year career getting his hands dirty on the job. His range of experience spans from managing a nursery in Pennsylvania, where he was in charge of production and propagation, to working with renowned interior designer Richard Plumer.

Harry Nelson Fine Gardening’s services include design, installation and “skilled after maintenance” in Palm Beach and Dade counties. The firm consists of twelve full-time employees, five part-time architects, and a handful of student assistants, with Nelson maintaining a very hands-on role. (He can be seen climbing trees and working cranes on-site.) For sizable projects, Nelson brings on full-time masons and welders, ensuring that he can have elements made when he wants them, without delay. The firm also has access to its own high-end nursery, which includes ten- to fifteen-year-old growths. The average job hovers in the price area of $3 million, but Nelson and Co. are currently looking for smaller projects (within the $500,000 to $1 million range). “Skilled after-maintenance” is offered à la carte on a quarterly basis, which can average out to roughly $10,000 to $12,000 annually.

Nelson has designed and installed lavish exterior spaces for the residences of the very crème de la crème in California and Miami, including Versace, Antonio Banderas, Ridley Scott and Norman Lear. In one instance, Nelson’s vision spoke so profoundly to the client that, in addition to their new installation, they hired him to be their wedding planner.

Representative Client Comments:
"He's a perfectionist, right down to the direction and alignment of the smooth pebbles." "You're gonna pay for his art and it is worth it." "He has tremendous access to materials that other landscape arch's may not have." "Harry gets the customers other landscape architects and designers wish they had, but don't have the talent for." "If you have Versailles-like aspirations, he's your man."

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