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TK Theaters
535 Dean Street
Apt. 105
Brooklyn, NY 11217
(917) 328-1605
Main Contact: Theo Kalomirakis
Audio/Video Design & Installation

Services & Specialties
Superior home theater design

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FR Review:
As the legend goes, “father of home theater” Theo Kalomirakis unwittingly invented home theater in his Brooklyn basement in 1984. Kalomirakis, a magazine art director and right-hand man for Malcolm Forbes at the time, began inviting fellow magazine-types to his home to watch movies on A/V systems he had cleverly rigged to get the maximum theater-like experience. When the writers who attended started writing about Kalomirakis’s home theater in various publications, he was inundated with requests from film buffs, begging him to do the same thing in their basements.

Decades later, Kalomirakis is a recognized luminary of home theater design, taking on projects worldwide for entertainment, business, political figures and royalty (literally). These days, Kalomirakis mostly focuses on the highest of the high end projects and lets subordinates tackle the lesser projects. To satisfy the need for precision on slightly smaller projects, TK Theaters recently launched a side-business, Cine-Living, which also manufactures home theater products (furniture, fabrics, etc.) in addition to providing some consultation.

The firm takes on about 40 theaters each year, ranging from just 300 square feet all the way up to 19,000-square-foot A/V “villages” in people’s homes. The villages can include a flabbergasting array of dance clubs, theaters and mini-multi-media theme parks. But if you want a Kalomirakis theater in your home, be prepared to shell out anywhere from $50,000 up to a whopping $2 million. Those who want some solid advice but not the grand treatment can hire TK on an hourly consulting basis.

Representative Client Comments:
“He’s got the best reputation in the business.” “His designs are spectacular, they’ll take your breath away.” “Highest price tag out there.” “Theo himself doesn’t take on as many new projects as he used to.” “I’m a huge fan, but if my wife knew what it cost, she would kill me.”

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