Franklin Report Report Card for Robin Bell Design, Inc. in New York City
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Robin Bell Design, Inc.
83 Cobble Road
Salisbury , CT 06068
(860) 596-4169
Interior Design

Services & Specialties
Tasteful, smart interior design

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FR Review:
Robin Bell is one of those rare designers who is all things to all people (each one of her clients that we spoke with claimed that Bell had a different area of specialty: "Robin is amazing with color!"; “Robin’s the perfect space planning person!” and so on). A veteran of the business with a stint at McMillen (where she was a senior designer), Bell has seen every design challenge clients can think of, and tackled them all with aplomb. Stylistically, her work hews toward the traditional end of the spectrum, but clients say that Bell has an instinct for the playful touch that will make a room feel fresh and young. This is a designer who can keep all generations of a family happy–from empty nesters settling into country life to young professionals getting started in the city.

Bell started her career working at Sotheby’s as a trainee in the Decorative Arts department, eventually serving as assistant curator at Gracie Mansion before transitioning into designing full time, with her first independent commission the refurbishing of Campobello (a comfortable familiarity with antiques is a definite plus for many of Bell’s clients, more than one reference praising her “appreciation of fine objects”). After forming her own firm in New York, Bell moved it to Vero Beach in the late 80s and had a great run of success there. Eventually she returned to occupy a senior spot at McMillen’s offices in the city, then finally came full circle to run her own firm in 2006. Currently fielding a design team in northwest Connecticut, she takes on projects in New York and throughout the country.

Generally speaking, Bell prefers whole-home jobs, but for the right client a smaller project can work. Fees are commensurate with her level of experience–not a bargain, but a good deal given the expertise. Overall, clients are happy to engage Bell’s services whatever the cost, and many have been using her for decades. They are unanimous in their cheerful praise, saying Robin is “incredibly professional but incredibly fun to work with.”

Representative Client Comments:
“Robin was able to make quick, precise drawings to show us what she had in mind. It was very helpful.” “Robin has a boldness that I lack. She’s a design enabler–she gave me the courage to make the renovation decisions I was afraid to make.” “She brings a traditional Park Avenue perspective, with a touch of whimsicality.” “She has an amazing roster of artisans–Robin knows everyone and can get beautiful things made affordably.” “Robin had designed the home I grew up in, and even though I was moving into a different kind of place–a downtown loft–I knew the results would be elegant.” “If something changes, Robin doesn’t falter, she rolls with the punches.” “Sometimes I would balk at the price tags, but Robin never flinched, she came up with a more economical option that was lovely.” “I didn’t look to her to buy a lot of new things, just to mix what I already had in a new way. She did a fantastic job.” “Robin knows how to get things done in a very difficult world.” “I come home every day and say this house is ‘pure me’ even though I know I never could have put it together without Robin’s help.”

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