Franklin Report Report Card for Teles & Adams  in Los Angeles
★ Franklin Report Card
Teles & Adams
PO Box 682
Palisades, NY 10694
(845) 365-2917
Main Contact: James Adams and Rubens Teles
Painters - Decorative, Wallpaperers & Colorists

Services & Specialties
Faux finishes, custom stenciling, murals and Venetian plaster

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FR Review:
Clients absolutely adore this duo for both their “professional approach” and “incredible talent.” Coming from unique backgrounds (James Adams went to Yale and studied forestry, biology and art history; Brazilian-born Rubens Teles is on the faculty of The American Folk Art Museum and Marymount College in New York City), they bring a wealth of ideas and inspiration to their decorative painting business. Launched in 1992, the firm is represented by Stark, and creates original art for a series of wallcoverings.

Teles and Adams work frequently with decorators and are praised for their ability to handle a wide array of finishes and techniques. But industry insiders say their American-and English-inspired designs really put them on the map. (In 1994, the partners wrote a book entitled “Folk Finishes"). In addition to painting walls and floors, Teles & Adams are involved in customizing a line of accessories for the home; clients love the fact that they can take a swatch of fabric or carpet, and have their trays, waste baskets, and other items painted to match.

Representative Client Comments:
“Perfectionists, and more–impossible to get better than this.” “I love working with Rubens and James–they are polite, professional and fun.” “Sometimes hard to get because of their busy schedule, but worth the wait.” “They have such a complete range of skills in addition to their folk-art specialty.” “You have to see their work to know how happy I was to write the check.” “My clients love having them in their homes–so respectful and so talented.” “Their strength is Americana faux painting and stenciling.” “They came up with the perfect color within minutes.” “The price was completely appropriate for the work.”

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