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Carpenter Electric
1333 53rd Street
Mangonia Park, FL 33407
(561) 640-0400
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Security Systems

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Electrical installation and service

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FR Review:
At the top of many Palm Beach contractors' "go-to" lists, Carpenter Electric has built up a reputation as one of the most reliable and capable firms in the business. Founded in 1982 by Vance Carpenter as a small operation, the company has grown in size and expertise to the point where sources say there is no job too large or complicated for Carpenter to pull off. Its construction division is renowned for completing both standard and unique projects on a tight schedule, and for excellent project supervisors who "have seen it all." Indeed, Carpenter is most strongly recommended for large renovations and new construction projects that take advantage of its considerable muscle. The company's service department, with over 55 GPS-equipped trucks on the road and electricians on call 24-7, also wins accolades from references, from St. Lucie County down to Miami Beach.

Of course, with expertise comes expense, and sources do point out that Carpenter is not the cheapest company in the area. They also note that the firm tends to focus on large, high-end (i.e. the Versace residence in Miami Beach) projects. However, the same sources are quick to add that, for "100% reliability," there is no other choice.

Representative Client Comments:
"Fantastic electricians, always get the job down, always do it right." "They're the only electrician I will use." "The trade really loves them–-all the contractors I know recommend Carpenter."

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