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Blakely & Associates
4099 Burns Rd.
Palm Beach, FL 33410
(561) 627-6145
Main Contact: Jeff Blakely
FR Rated
Landscape Architects & Designers

Services & Specialties
Residential and estate landscape, hardscape and water feature design

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FR Review:
Jeff Blakely and his team get commended for infusing each project with a unique style, but you’ll have to wait your turn. The firm, which was established by Blakely’s grandfather Sam, has grown significantly over its 30-year history, but Blakely prefers working with a small, focused, handpicked team. Although this approach means there's a waiting list for new clients, satisfied customers say it leads to “personal, memorable, intellectual spaces.” Holding a Fine Arts degree from Florida Atlantic University and a Masters in Constructive Design from Florida State, Blakely has a strong visual sense that sources say is evident in his work, especially in a bold use of contrast and color.

The firm is selective, preferring to take on “interesting and challenging” projects. The majority of Blakely’s work is confined to private residences in the Palm Beach area, but he has been known to travel for the right project. In 1979, when he was still working alongside his father, the firm was offered the Jonathan’s Landing development on Jupiter Island, the design and development of which occupied the bulk of the company's subsequent 14 years. The average project doesn't take that long, most often between 12 and 18 months with a total cost around $150,000. Yet it's not unusual for the price of the pool alone to hit $1.2 million. Blakely isn't cheap. In addition to a slightly higher than standard cost of construction percentage, the company also charges a “high“ hourly rate for consulting and clerical work. All the same, according to clients, “it’s still an incredible value.”

Representative Client Comments:
"Jeff listened to my thoughts and opinions; I had a particular vision, which we collaborated on and made it a reality." "The process takes time, you have to wait for things to be made and have it ready to be installed." "Always follows-up, doesn't leave the project once his part is done." "He is one of the premiere landscape designers in the area. His work is simply amazing."

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