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Bright Light Design
20301 West Country Club Drive Suite 2328
Aventura, FL 33180
(305) 936-9057
Main Contact: Marcia Sheila Exelrud
Lighting Design

Services & Specialties
Lighting design

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FR Review:
A Miami lighting designer up for any challenge, Marcia Exelrud has worked both above and below ground (one of her projects involved planning a system to illuminate an underground cave). Though she founded Bright Light in 2002, Exelrud has been in the field for over twenty years, mainly working in her native Brazil, where she originally trained as an architect. Sources say her knowledge of building methods is a definite plus, as it allows her to shine a light on problems (and solutions) that other designers might not. Aesthetically speaking, references say Exelrud's designs are lively and creative. They also commend her for going out of her way to take energy-saving measures.

Most of Exelrud's work is commercial, and she most frequently collaborates with designers and architects, not individual homeowners. Indeed, for a designer who has worked in venues as large as airports, its no surprise that smaller residential projects are somewhat rare. It's also key to note that Exelrud herself is responsible for planning and consultation, not the actual installation and maintenance of her designs, and that her fees are not for those on a tight budget. But the level of expertise and creativity, all sources agree, is quite high.

Representative Client Comments:
"Professional and responsible." "Works on big public projects." "Such a beautiful use of light and color!" "My jaw was on the floor when I saw the finished product."

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