Franklin Report Report Card for Alex Vigilante in Florida Southeast
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Alex Vigilante
408 West 66th Street, #9
Miami Beach, FL 33140
(305) 695-0191
Main Contact: Alejandro "Alex" Vigilante
Painters - Decorative, Wallpaperers & Colorists

Services & Specialties
Amazing free hand ceiling faux-painting, murals and finishes

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FR Review:
Dubbed by a local art critic as the “Michelangelo of Miami,” Alejandro “Alex” Vigilante is a chiropractor's dream: patrons and passersby alike crane to see “the incredible skilled and detailed” ceiling work for which he is renowned. A native of Argentina, Vigilante is the son of an architect turned abstract surrealist painter, Juan Vigilante, who inspired him to study Fine Art and become a painter himself. In 1995, he showed at Art Miami, and his career in faux-painting in South Florida quickly took off. His repertoire ranges from murals and freehand stenciling to gold and silver leafing, all of which are created using a distinctive blend of materials. Vigilante’s reputation stems from his freehand ceiling work, which gives clients a taste of an “exotic, old world tradition” that is “unique, beautiful and timeless.”

On average, Vigilante’s projects can take anywhere from three weeks to several months, depending on size and intricacies, with between two and three projects at different stages proceeding simultaneously. According to clients, his fees are well within market norms, “expensive, but nothing outrageous.” He does charge for samples and his fee payment schedule is broken down by thirds. For ceiling work, clients are also responsible for providing the scaffolding and clearing the area of all furniture--as well as for the increased risk of collisions caused by people staring up at Vigilante's eye-catching work.

Representative Client Comments:
"Alex is extremely creative and talented. He's also a pleasure to work with." "His work is simple, pretty and durable." " He is a reliable source with a high level of artistic talent." "In Miami, getting anything done on-time doesn't exist, but he did that for us." "Alex is very professional." "He is creative, hardworking and would present innovative ideas with every space we worked on."

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