Franklin Report Report Card for Pennington Painting & Restoration, LLC in New York City
★ Franklin Report Card
Pennington Painting & Restoration, LLC
800 Hoydens Hill Road
Fairfield, CT 06824
(203) 319-1800
Main Contact: Frank Ball
Painters - Decorative, Wallpaperers & Colorists

Services & Specialties
High-end interior and exterior painting, decorative finishing, cabinet glazing and wallpapering

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FR Review:
Glancing at the list of posh clients and decorators on Pennington’s “to-do” list, you would think you were reading a who’s who in construction and interior design. Industry leaders and homeowners alike praise Frank Ball and his multitalented staff for their skill–and their solid business practices. Equally comfortable with a designer, on a construction site or in a high-end home, the team at Pennington could never be called “prima donnas.” In fact, quite the opposite is true, the crew has been described as “flexible, accommodating, and professional–a real group of team players.”

A former art teacher, Ball not only inspires his staff of 22, but likes to educate his clients. Truly a full-service firm since 1985, Pennington handles interior and exterior painting, an endless list of decorative finishes and wallpapering at hefty prices.

Representative Client Comments:
“In my book, he gets the gold medal.” “A higher class of painting contractor.” “Their personal touch along with the highest level of detail that I have seen in the industry, without question separates the men from the boys.” “The decorative finishes are so good that people often think it’s wallpaper.” “Frank encourages the homeowner to learn more about the process–I felt a great sense of ownership with respect to our project–I even joined the crew in sanding the edges of knot holes in antique floorboards before they were stained.”

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