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Ted Baker Landscape Architecture
601 Northeast 36th Street
Suite 2106
Miami, FL 33137
(305) 479-9109
Main Contact: Ted Baker
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Intelligent landscape design and installation management

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FR Review:
Ted Baker's chosen profession -- landscape architecture -- is the perfect mix of his parental heritage. His father was a landscape contractor and nurseryman, his mother an artist. A graduate of California State Polytechnic University, Florida International University School of Design, and Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Baker taught at FIU for thirteen years, until retiring in 2004. Over the last 30-plus years, he has worked with a vast array of clients in the Miami area, ranging from the Army Corps of Engineers and large real estate developers to high-end residential clients, his current focus.

Although his is a one-man operation, Baker is far from a one-trick pony (though he is bit old fashioned, still sketching out all of his designs by hand). He has a reputation among clients and peers for holistic designs that not only are aesthetically and functionally symbiotic, but also account for the water drainage and management issues of Southeast Florida. Fully 90 percent of Baker’s work features native plants that do not require extensive irrigation -- a big plus in a time of water rationing.

The majority of Baker’s current work is high-end residential, supplemented by a highly-selective dash of commercial assignments. Typically, his projects range from $75,000 to upwards of two million dollars, with charges of $175 per hour for design work. So that “there are no surprises,” Baker provides a detailed proposal at each juncture of the project outlining estimated time as well as cost. He is also a “tremendous client advocate” who stays on for the duration of the project, acting as an intermediary between the installer and homeowner and ensuring that each detail is carried out with an exacting precision; "if not, he makes them do it over again."

Representative Client Comments:
"Ted is bit unusual and completely creative guy. Wonderfully warm and inviting." "His true brilliance was not in the architecture, but water drainage." "He always has the client's interest at heart." "When the installation contractor fell short of spec, Ted was right there to make sure that it was redone and done properly." "Ted's design was nothing short of genius."

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