Franklin Report Report Card for Definitive Electronic Solutions in Florida Southeast
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Definitive Electronic Solutions
1097 Jupiter Park Lane, Suite 3
Jupiter, FL 33458
(561) 748-3564
Main Contact: Don Dixon
Audio/Video Design & Installation

Services & Specialties
A/V systems and home integration

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FR Review:
Definitive Electronic Solutions has a reputation for gracefully ushering its clients into the 21st century. A mid-sized, full-service integration firm with a ten-year history in southern Florida, DES is praised by clients for its innovative use of cutting-edge technology and for its ability to explain that technology to anyone, even the Sesame Street crowd. Led by Don Dixon, a twenty-year veteran of the Florida A/V scene, the company works primarily in the high-end residential market on projects that involve a high degree of integration. A single touchpad controlling the lighting, temperature, music, TV, blinds and voicemail is not out of the ordinary. Nor is the ability to access the same controls over the internet, should you want your cats to hear occasional Mozart while you're on vacation (there are more practical applications as well). Technological innovation and stylish applications are cited by sources as a strength of the firm (DES recently won an industry award for a particularly impressive Western-themed home theater) but Dixon's calm, professional style and his staff's dedication to doing things "the right way" win equal praise. As is always the case with companies who provide a high degree of customization and excellent service, prices are not low. Clients are advised to approach the firm only if they're willing to invest seriously in a seriously cool system.

Representative Client Comments:
"These guys are ahead of the technological curve." "Don Dixon is a top-notch A/V man and any project that has his attention is going to turn out great." "They love what they do and it shows." "Not as well known as some of the bigger firms, but their stuff is just as impressive." "Everything worked like a charm, and it was fun to use. No complaints here."

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