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Penelope Dixon & Associates
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Superlative photography appraisal

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FR Review:
References lavish unambiguous praise on Penelope Dixon & Associates, saying it is quite simply “the” firm to go for photography appraisal. Started in 1981 by Dixon as a one-woman show, the company currently maintains a staff of eight at their home base in Florida, and a satellite office in New York. The firm will work on projects as small as a single piece, all the way up to an appraisal of the entire photo archive of the New York Times (over one million photographs). Sources say that the firm is rigorous in its approach, drawing on extensive research, then pairing the results with an exhaustive knowledge of the auction process. Indeed, the firm takes special pride in having had a representative (in most cases Dixon herself) present at literally every major photography auction in New York since 1978.

Penelope Dixon & Associates works exclusively with photographs, offering appraisal services for a range of purposes including donation, estate value, damage assessment, fair market value, insurance value and equitable distribution. The firm also offers collection management and cataloging services. Many clients have worked with Dixon & Associates for years, but the firm is generally willing to take on new clients, even if the project is small. Surprisingly, given the level of expertise, the fees (scaled to the service being performed) are quite competitive. References give this firm high marks all around, saying it has the brainpower of a large institution and the friendliness of a local library.

Representative Client Comments:
“Definitely the best photography people in Florida, probably the U.S. and maybe the world.” “What surprised me is how much fun they have with their work.” “Penelope is extremely personable. You don’t always get that with experts like her.” “The only people I would trust to appraise a photograph.”

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