Franklin Report Report Card for Fernando Tonarely Painting Contractor Inc.  in Florida Southeast
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Fernando Tonarely Painting Contractor Inc.
605 Kanuga Drive
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
(561) 386-0590
Main Contact: Fernando Tonarely
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Painters & Wallpaperers
Painters - Decorative

Services & Specialties
Premium quality interior painting and wall glazing

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FR Review:
The phrase “absolutely phenomenal” is the standard response whenever we mention the glazes of Fernando Tonarely Painting. For the last 30 years, West Palm Beach-based Tonarely has built an unequivocal reputation for his “incredible technique and quality” wall glazes.

The company’s small, “technique rich” team has been with Tonarely for the last 20 years, ensuring that there is little lost between instruction and execution. No longer hanging wallpaper, Tonarely is almost exclusively an interior painter, one who also does some furniture finishing (distressing, antiquing, etc.) on the side. Since the firm handles between four and ten jobs at any one time, scheduling can be trying, but clients all admit “the result is worth it.”

With projects ranging from $10,000 to $300,000, Tonarely and company can handle just about any job, but he does admit that some jobs are just too big. Their 10 to 15 specialty glazes range from $2 to $5 per square foot, plus time and materials. The majority of the company’s work is in the Palm Beach area, but they are not opposed to traveling for the “right project.” According to clients, one thing to be sure of is the prep work for the space being worked, as Tonarely has very specific requirements. He admits that you’re better off letting him handle it from start to finish.

Representative Client Comments:
"Outstanding glazed finishes." "No one else can create what he does." "So special! His work is simply incredible!" "Fernando is in a class of his own."

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