Franklin Report Report Card for Works of Art in Florida Southeast
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Works of Art
102 Northeast Second Street, #123
Boca Raton, FL 33432
(561) 703-5550
Main Contact: Rita Stankus
FR Rated
Painters - Decorative

Services & Specialties
Exemplary faux finishes, trompe l'oeil, murals and gilding

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FR Review:
Transforming her walls into “Works of Art,” Rita Stankus caught the eye of her interior designer neighbor and turned her passion into her profession. With a strong background in interior design and art history, in addition to an extensive repertoire of faux finishing techniques, Stankus is roundly considered by clients to be “a true professional artist and visionary.” Works of Art is also an industry partner of the South Florida chapter of the ASID. Stankus’ exemplary list of services include color washes, lime age plaster, custom designer faux finishes, frescoes, marbling, antiquing, Italian venetian plaster, gilding, murals, and trompe l’oeil. In terms of materials, the firm is well ahead of the curve using organic, natural materials, which produce more “consistent, luscious results.” We understand Stankus puts as much research and preparation time into her materials as she does into the project itself, producing “unique, classy and elegant projects” that will have your neighbors taking notice.

Stankus works with a small “hand-picked, qualified collection of sub-contractors” that meets her very particular high standards. With no project too big or small, the firm keeps a pretty full dance card with as many as three projects going at once, while maintaining the personal attention clients have come to expect. Clients also boast Stankus’ commitment to an “exceptionally high standard of quality” and willingness to put in the extra-time to provide the best possible result.

The firm’s brushstroke covers from just north of Jupiter to South Beach in Miami, but they’re not opposed to coloring outside the lines for the right project. Projects can range for $2,500 to in excess of $100,000. Clients note that Works of Art’s prices are “not the cheapest, but are absolutely worth it.”

Representative Client Comments:
"Rita's ideas are creative and her execution is amazing." "Truly an artist." "Time, work and result was worth it." "Her commitment to presenting the best in faux artist finishes is superb." "Did a faux ostrich piece that looked authentic." "Communicates extremely well and is very responsive and courteous." "She is on par with NY painters in the high-end." "Rita and her work leave a good, lasting, positive impression."

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