Franklin Report Report Card for Joseph Brown Fine Arts, LLC in Florida Southeast
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Joseph Brown Fine Arts, LLC
7732 Rockford Road
Boynton Beach , FL 33437
(888) 563-2785
Main Contact: Joseph Brown
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Painters - Decorative

Services & Specialties
High quality decorative painting, murals and trompe l'oeil

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FR Review:
A “well educated, technically superior” decorative artist, Joseph Brown still has the burning passion for his work that he felt as a seventeen-year-old aspiring muralist. His experience includes gallery art and book illustrations, above and beyond his regular bill of fare: custom designs, ceilings, domes, murals and trompe l‘oeil in vast array of styles. According to Brown, ceilings and domes are of particular interest in Palm Beach. He should know: we understand Brown possesses a daunting portfolio of over 250 pieces and a reference library in excess of 2,000 books to divine inspiration from.

The company maintains a small staff of one or two, who are said to be “extremely reliable, honest, hardworking” and willing to go where the work is. Brown himself has a reputation for being high-energy and a workhorse, always willing to put in long hours on a project. Clients are “astounded by the speed” with which Brown and company complete projects, without any sacrifice in quality. On average, a powder room takes about nine days, while a ceiling mural can take two weeks.

Brown doesn't come cheap. His prices, “amongst the highest in the market,” range from $10,000 for the average powder room to $15,000 for ceilings, at the high-end. But, regardless of the cost, clients unanimously concur that “if you can get him, [Joe Brown] will not disappoint.”

Representative Client Comments:
"Joe is extremely knowledgeable, honest and dependable." "In my opinion, one of the best muralists in the country." "Extremely efficient." "Impressive to see his work then find out how fast the job was completed." "Very attentive and easy to collaborate with." "Will put in the extra work to ensure that what you want is what you get." "The most organized, punctual and professional artist you will ever meet." "He is an absolute master!"

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