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Sound Advice
2275 Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard
West Palm Beach, FL 33409
(561) 471-2777
Main Contact: Don Korwek
Audio/Video Design & Installation

Services & Specialties
A/V systems and home integration

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FR Review:
Sound Advice is a unique entity on the Florida A/V scene: a chain store with multiple locations that is as dedicated to retail as it is to custom installation work. Its dual status, sources say, allows the company to get good prices on equipment and pass on savings to the client. The firm’s multiple locations and corporate parentage (in 2001, it was bought by the electronics retail giant Tweeter Entertainment) give it further advantages: service and replacement parts are never far away. In terms of services, the company offers a similar breadth as the competition, everything from a simple TV and two speakers to a whole-home system with all the bells and whistles.

Sound Advice has a long, colorful history in Southern Florida, starting in 1974 as a partnership between four college students with little experience in the field, then rising to prominence over the coming decades as one of the premier custom electronics firms in the state. Since the acquisition by Tweeter, some sources have reported a diminished focus on custom integration jobs and less personalized attention. Others still cite Sound Advice as a reliable bet, especially for simple jobs.

Representative Client Comments:
"They've been around forever and their name still carries some prestige." "I've found them to be a good option on my more modest projects." "They don't have the best guys working for them anymore." "They're not as focused on big custom jobs, instead, they're trying to find a spot in the middle." "Their prices were very competitive."

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