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IQ Electronic Interiors
13400 SW 134th Ave # 5
Miami, FL 33186
(305) 254-9100
Main Contact: David Luty
Audio/Video Design & Installation

Services & Specialties
A/V systems and home integration

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FR Review:
IQ Electronic Interiors offers clients the convenience of all-inclusive service; the firm designs and installs most every electronic system under the sun, including A/V, alarm, security, lighting, phones, communication and even motorized blinds. This strategy pays off at both ends of a job: during installation clients can explore the limits of their A/V imagination, and if something breaks months later (whether it's the stereo or the doorbell), there's only one number to call. Unlike the majority of its competitors, IQ did not begin with a home stereo enthusiast tinkering away in a garage. It was founded in 1988 by David Luty, a Floridian who originally managed commercial phone systems for several large telecommunication companies. Seeking smaller jobs and more customization, he began working on residential projects and then slowly added services until IQ became a full-fledged integration company. According to references, Luty's corporate background (not to mention his MBA) pays off: he's more organized than the competition and operates more efficiently. The fact that he's not a tech geek also means he can adopt the clients' perspective easily ("I know that if I can use the system, my clients can too," says Luty.)

IQ works almost exclusively within Dade County, taking on a small number of projects each year. With a staff of twelve, the company does all service in house. It charges a design fee in addition to normal installation and product fees. Prices are described as high but commensurate with the quality. IQ generally will only take on high-end, full-system projects: price tags start in the low hundred thousands. As such, clients are advised to approach IQ only if they're budgeting for a comprehensive project. Those who do engage the firm's services report razor-sharp technology, meticulous service, and friendly techies with (and this almost goes without saying) high IQs.

Representative Client Comments:
"Likes clients to be aware of the very best equipment that's out there." "A smart team, and very reliable. Their customers spend a lot of money, and the team at IQ gives them every penny's worth." "I've seen them grow over the years and I have to say, there's nothing they don't do well."

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