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360 Central Park West, Suite 16H
New York, NY 10025
(212) 662-5358
Main Contact: Jayne Michaels
Interior Design

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Fresh, modern interior design

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FR Review:
2Michaels creates hip, fresh interiors that have enough style for TriBeCa and enough elegance for Park Avenue. The two Michaels are Jayne and Joan, sisters and creative partners who founded this eponymous firm in 2001. Though they are comfortable working in a range of styles, the pair always bring a sense of youth and modernism, whether that means a careful editing of traditional elements or a warm take on contemporary. 2Michaels interiors often feature lively contemporary art, as well as pieces influenced by the sisters’ shared enthusiasm for mid-century Italian design.

Founded after the Michaels sisters graduated from FIT and Parsons, their firm has gradually grown in profile over the years, earning good press and a breakout turn at Kips Bay in 2010. Their projects are largely focused in New York City, which suits the graceful urbanity they often achieve. Clients say that the two sisters are extremely knowledgeable, artistic, low-pressure, charming and fun to work with. Prices are not bottom of the rung, but on the reasonable side for their level of experience. Clients who bond with Jayne and Joan hire them for multiple projects and sing their praises uptown and downtown.

Representative Client Comments:
“We feel very lucky to have found 2Michaels and to have had their help in designing our renovated prewar Upper West Side apartment.” “We learned so much from them!” “They hunt the world for the best finds and the best value.” “Jayne and Joan observed and listened rather than dictated.” “I gave them a short time frame to finish the project and they finished ahead of schedule! When does that ever happen?” “I had no idea about antiques and art, but through their steady guidance I’ve become a collector.” “They aren’t afraid to be gently and diplomatically honest when we suggest something they know won’t work.” “They created an elegant, understated design which enhanced the essence and bones of our ‘classic nine’ pre-war apartment.” “Although I am an artist and collector of art, they taught me about 20th century furniture and the history of modern design.” “I’ve known them for over ten years and their work keeps getting better and better.” “2Michaels understood exactly what we wanted (and what we could afford).” “I’d describe them as artists, not designers.”

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Posted 6/4/2014
Reviewed By:
Fred Nicolaus New York ,CA

Bottom Line:
2Michaels' work has transformed our lives for the better. That may sound a bit dramatic, but it happens to be true. We now love being home and feel inspired regularly, just looking around. And it still feels like *our* home, not a *designed* home! We
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Project Description & Comments:
2Michaels' work is true artistry. I would echo what another reviewer said about there being poetry and masterful attention to detail in every room and project they work on. At the same time, they are also lovely, caring, honest, trustworthy, flexible people who want us to be happy and our home to be practical for our lives as much as they want to meet their own high artistic standards.

We feel very lucky to have found 2Michaels and to have had their help in designing our renovated prewar Upper West Side apartment. They have helped us create a home that is at once beautiful, calming, simple - and yet not at all sterile, elegant, timeless, interesting AND functional/practical -- even given the fact that we have two very small children and a dog. There is an ease and grace to our space that is a signature of theirs, I think.

2Michaels has a genuine passion for design and design history that they bring to their work. (We have learned **so** much from them!) It's clear they absolutely love what they do and as a result won't stop searching (efficiently) for the right elements in a design until they find exactly what your room - and you - need. They have found us amazing, unique pieces from all sorts of sources, all over the world -- and have always been thrilled when they are able to find us fantastic prices to boot (which has been often). They have gotten to know us and have been great listeners and totally open to true collaboration and our ideas. And yet, they also aren't afraid to be gently and diplomatically honest when we suggest something they know won't work. I really appreciate that honesty and have loved all of the end results of our conversations and decisions.
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