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General Plumbing
2001 7th Ave. N.
Lake Worth, FL 33461
(561) 771-0086
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FR Review:
Recognized by top contractors and even interior designers as one of the better firms in South Florida, General Plumbing is also one of the oldest. Founded in 1946 as a small shop, the company has multiplied several times in size, to the extent that, if you see a plumbing van in Palm Beach County, odds are it has a General logo on it. Still, the company prides itself on delivering individualized, "red carpet" service (General's field technicians actually do bring protective red carpets to job sites) to its clients. Sources are quick to back up the firm's claims, saying that its technicians go the extra mile to keep a home in mint condition, using soft toolbags, shoe coverings, drop cloths, and a healthy amount of caution while working.

General's range of services matches up nicely with its name: according to sources, the firm has the expertise to handle pretty much any kind of project, from major construction to weird rattling noises coming from the sink. It takes on both commercial and residential work, but leans more toward the latter, with a special affinity for historical preservation work or complicated remodels. The firm's expertise and dedication to doing a job "the right way" means that prices can be slightly higher, and a minimum dispatch fee sometimes prevents clients with small projects from engaging General's services. However, the firm does have a maintenance program called the "Ultimate Savings Agreement" that offers up reduced rates, in addition to other benefits like 24/7 service and regular checkups. References praise the program and the firm, saying that once clients work with General, they tend to stick with the firm for good.
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