Franklin Report Report Card for Wood Flooring By Walsh in New York City
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Wood Flooring By Walsh
1116 Edgewater Avenue
Ridgefield, NJ 07657
(201) 945-9014
Main Contact: Joseph Walsh

Services & Specialties
Wood flooring installation, refinishing and repair

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FR Review:
This New Jersey-based firm caters to a high-end residential and commercial clientele throughout the Northeast. Walsh Flooring will supply, install, refinish, sand and repair floors, and create custom designs. This firm is an upstanding member of the National Wood Flooring Association. Sources say Walsh Flooring takes pride in its excellent client relations and high levels of workmanship–as well as its top-notch materials.

References tell us that they love dealing with the craftsmen of this firm, who work with skill, attention to detail and a sense of humor, and will often put in extra effort to make a job perfect. When one client thought she saw a dull spot, principal Joseph Walsh and his workmen came back and graciously redid the section at no cost. The quality of its work is roundly hailed as some of the best in the area, while prices fall at the middle of the high-end range.

Representative Client Comments:
“Really good work–their herringbone design is gorgeous.” “May cost a bit more, but gets it done right.” “Floors are fabulous!” “My fl oors still look good after four years.”

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