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Craters & Freighters
2087 North Powerline Road, Suite 2
Pompano Beach, FL 33069
(800) 736-3335
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Fine Art Moving & Storage

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Fine art packing and shipping

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FR Review:
Craters and Freighters is a national multipurpose shipping chain, but its Ft. Lauderdale office wins praise from clients for its comprehensive and reliable handling of art and antiques. Because it is such a large chain, the company's pool of resources is deep, and the potential level of customization is high. If a client needs a specially engineered package to accommodate a particular piece, Craters and Freighters can provide it. If a piece needs special security, insurance, or handling, Craters and Freighters can handle that, too (the company has completed projects for both major auction houses and the military). If the firm has ever been unable to satisfy a request, our sources didn't know about it.

For art and antiques specifically Craters and Freighters generally performs home service, coming to the client's home and packing the pieces into museum-grade containers and then supervising their shipment to a local or international destination. Rates vary depending on the project, but sources note that the firm, while not overly expensive, is not a bargain either. They praise Craters and Freighters for taking every job seriously, but say that since it is such a large company, smaller projects are not given as high a priority as large ones. Still, for its professional, "utterly reliable" service, Craters and Freighters earns good marks.

Representative Client Comments:
"Galleries use this company a lot, it's very businesslike and professional." "On time, every time I've used them." "Fair pricing." "They don't go out of their way to be your best friend, but they do go out of their way to make the job go smoothly."

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