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Hackl Pools
1331 Central Terrace
Lake Worth, FL 33460
(561) 588-7493
Main Contact: Doug Hackl
FR Rated
Swimming Pools

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Premium quality watershape & lighting design and installation

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FR Review:
Don’t let the surname fool you; this firm is anything but a bunch of hacks. For more than 57 years, Hackl Pools has been designing and installing “the highest possible quality” custom pools, spas, and water features, as well as lighting designs. Now in its third generation, the family-owned and operated firm is under the guidance of principal Doug Hackl, along with his brother and two sons. Hackl, who’s been in construction since college, has a degree in Ocean Engineering from Florida Atlantic University, is a member of the high-end watershape design group Genesis 3, and is affiliated with the Florida Swimming Pool Association. Leaning heavily on Hackl’s engineering background, the firm “love’s a challenge” and has developed a knack for unique projects of great complexity, such as interactive fountains for kids and pools with underwater speakers and custom lighting. Glass mosaic tile full-perimeter overflow pools are a specialty.

Hackl’s experienced staff sees very little turnover, with most of his team having been with the firm for at least 10 years. Almost all of the company's work, including tile and plumbing, is done in-house, plaster and electrical excepted. At any one time, Hackl and his crew have three to four complex projects going, on top of six to ten smaller vintage pools. They also provide a maintenance program for existing customers. Customers note that Hackl “doesn’t come cheap” but that for such comprehensive attention to detail and overall quality, they're willing to take the plunge.

Representative Client Comments:
"Doug is the #1 pool guy in Palm Beach." "Excellent from engineering and building standpoint." "Unique work." "Incredibly skilled craftsmen." "Unbelievably flawless work." "Exceeded all expectations." "Can do anything you throw at them expertly. They are real problem solvers."

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