Franklin Report Report Card for Arthur Parks Upholstery in New York City
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Arthur Parks Upholstery
14 Vreeland Avenue
Clifton , NJ 07011
(201) 391-0133
Main Contact: Chris Parks
Upholstery & Window Treatments

Services & Specialties
Trade Only -- Custom upholstery and reupholstery for furniture and walls

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FR Review:
The trade depends on Arthur Parks Upholstery for innovative style supported by traditional framework. Started as a firm that mostly repaired and reupholstered, it has evolved into a shop now acclaimed for its original pieces. While the craftsmanship hasn’t changed, the company now puts equal emphasis on customization, catering to a new generation of designers who consider inventiveness to be just as important as durability.

Those who trusted the quality fabrication that founder Arthur Parks brought to furniture and walls for decades now confidently rely on his son, Chris, to deliver the same results. Parks and his team of six are motivated by perfection. Every minute detail is accounted for, even if that means building everything from scratch. Clients appreciate this work ethic because the “fair, competitive” prices reflect the end product and the quality of the materials, not necessarily the labor. The “consistency and reliability” that snootier vendors lack can be found in this small, focused firm. Parks' clients also notice that he “likes to be excited by his work” and never hesitate to throw a challenge his way.

While the firm primarily works with designers in Manhattan, clients with second homes request shipments all over the country – some even offer to pay for the crew to come out to upholster walls. All furniture, though, is manufactured in the 12,000 square-foot Clifton, NJ workshop, which also features a small showroom. The firm provides an exclusive line of basic pieces for newer clients who need inspiration or a starting point. Longtime fans already know they’ll receive the original “unmatched” Arthur Parks quality no matter what the design.

Representative Client Comments:
"Chris maintains a business that puts out an extremely high-quality product." "Always readily available and is very thorough following up and reviewing my purchase orders." "Very accommodating to mine and my clients' needs." "Did what he said he would do when he said he would do it." "Responsive, professional and neat!" "Every job is done with love and care." "Friendly, professional and flexible." "Perfection is their game! Nothing leaves their shop until it's absolutely is perfect." "Their work is impeccable! We would highly recommend them to clients expecting the highest quality work." "With his upholstery, Chris can take uneven or damaged walls (that he did not build) and make them look perfect." "Chris understands and respects fabric." "I don't want to recommend him too highly because I want him all for myself! I wish he made a preferred client list."

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