Franklin Report Report Card for La-Sy-Re Interiors Inc.  in Florida Southeast
★ Franklin Report Card
La-Sy-Re Interiors Inc.
1308 Lake Avenue
Lake Worth, FL 33460-3606
(561) 585-3511
Main Contact: Tony Walker
Upholstery & Window Treatments

Services & Specialties
Mostly trade – Upholstery, reupohlstery, and window treatments

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FR Review:
For Tony Walker, upholstery is truly a family affair. His parents started La-Sy-Re (an abbreviation of their three daughter’s names) in 1975, and he has worked there ever since. Keeping it all in the family, Tony labors alongside his wife and sister. They and a small staff of upholsterers produce “superb” upholstered pieces and both soft and hard window treatments, while a team of highly capable installers finish the job. Walker's mostly trade clients gravitate to La-Sy-Re’s atmosphere of teamwork and mutual respect.

Ly-Sy-Re's pricing is said to be “a bit expensive” but worth it, and while lead times can vary, designers say that reliability never does. Walker's loyal clients claim he is always there to attend to their every need. They have watched as he calmly and coolly “swung from the rafters” to complete a lofty installation or patched a homeowner’s leaking waterbed, all without breaking a sweat. Customers maintain that he always follows through and always stands behind his work.

Representative Client Comments:
“Tony is true to his word, he is a gentleman.” “Tony is calm under pressure.” “I usually call him before 8:30 AM.” “If there is a problem, there is never any question, they take care of it.” “If you really need it by a specific time frame, they can do it, which is rare.”

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