Franklin Report Report Card for Prosperi Company in Florida Southeast
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Prosperi Company
1300 Wallace Drive
Delray Beach, FL 33444
(561) 276-2698
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FR Review:
Prosperi Company has been prospering in Florida since 1985, when this to-the-trade moving firm relocated from DC to Delray Beach. With a climate-controlled facility that has withstood four hurricanes, the firm does a brisk business working with decorators, usually on large projects (whole home relocations are a specialty). Run by the sons of the original founder, Prosperi maintains a family business feel; in fact, a good portion of the fifteen-person staff has the last name Prosperi. References highlight this, citing a sense of comfort working with the firm. The original family business (Prosperi started out as a furniture refinishing shop) also comes into play, as the firm has several people on staff capable of touch-up work should the need arise. According to references, the crew at Prosperi is also quite capable when it comes to fine art and antiques. The firm's prices, usually charged on an hourly basis, are considered at the higher end of the market but well-worth it by those who have engaged Prosperi's services.

Representative Client Comments:
"Expensive, but you get what you pay for." "I've been with them for over ten years, I use them all the time and nothing has ever been lost or damaged."

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