Franklin Report Report Card for Ashley Whittaker in New York City
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Ashley Whittaker

220 East 72nd Street
Suite 14G
New York, NY 10021
(212) 650-0024
Main Contact: Ashley Whittaker

Interior Design

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Services & Specialties
Fun traditional interior design

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FR Review:
Ashley Whittaker is that rare interior designer who can piece together classic elements to create a space that feels fresh, joyful and full of life. Technically her milieu is “traditional,” but it’s a fun, livable version of the style, where a splash of vivid color is just right, and a leopard-print ottoman can feel at home. These are rooms with multi-generational appeal: Visiting parents will be comfortable, friends will be wowed by the style and kids can spill things (as they do) without causing a bank-busting disaster. Whittaker’s clients applaud her taste and her spirit, saying that she has an “incredible work ethic,” and that she will gently nudge them towards exploring new ideas. One wanted a brown lacquer wall, but at Whittaker’s suggestion, they tried a pattern instead–the result was fabulous, a successful experiment.

Unsurprisingly for someone whose work is informed by a classic American style, Whittaker got her professional start working at Ralph Lauren, curating special events. Satisfying a lifetime design impulse, from there she went on to a position at Markham Roberts. Whittaker currently staffs three assistants and a bookkeeper, but handles all of the key decisions herself. Clients say that Whittaker is active and involved, and that she is “always available” by phone.

Whittaker charges a straight design fee, then a markup on product. Her costs are definitely on the higher side of the scale, but the quality is off the charts, say appreciative clients. Above all, they marvel at her ability to make their homes simultaneously “more beautiful and more livable.”

Representative Client Comments:
“Classic, not stuffy.” “We brought her in early on in the process, and it was a great. She helped us avoid a lot of pitfalls.” “She’s not the kind of person who gets offended if you disagree with her. Very easy to work with.” “One of the freshest new voices in traditionalism I’ve come across recently.” “I wanted to be her best friend!” “She truly handled everything, I didn’t have to lift a finger.” “At this point, I won’t buy a house until Ashley looks at it first.”

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