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Aquatic Consultants Inc.
13145 SW 104 Terrace
Miami, FL 33186
(305) 383-7266
Main Contact: Brian Van Bower
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Swimming Pools

Services & Specialties
Innovative aquatic design and planning

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FR Review:
Brian Van Bower, principal of Aquatic Consultants, Inc., has a reputation for specializing in conceptually innovative, unusual and involved creative aquatic projects of “the highest possible quality.” Over the last 38 years, Van Bower has thrilled an international list of clientele with his designs, intelligence and mastery of his craft. Aquatic Consultants offers a full complement of services, including the design of water-related environments, materials selection, equipment and hydraulic system consultation, construction management and coordination and site inspections. Clients and colleagues alike boast that the firm “can do absolutely anything.” We understand that Van Bower takes the time to develop an extensive understanding of the site and the client’s vision. The Miami-based firm is primarily focused on “interesting” residential projects, but still fields some commercial projects.

This busy, boutique-style firm maintains a staff small enough for Van Bower to “keep an eye on everything,” but a workload of between 40 and 60 projects a year, 10 to 15 at any given time, means, understandably, that Van Bower can be difficult to get hold of. Aquatic Consultants’ time-based fees are universally described as “an incredible value,” with per diem on-site visits tipping the scales slightly. Van Bower is a licensed Florida State Commercial Pool Contractor and has been named a Certified Building Professional by the National Spa & Pool Institute (NSPI), which has also inducted him into its Hall of Fame. In addition to heading Aquatic Consultants, Van Bower is one of the founding members of Genesis 3 Design Group, an organization dedicated to providing an international forum for elevating standards in the field of watershape design and construction.

Representative Client Comments:
"Brian's designs have gone beyond what the best landscape architects can come up with." "Honest and straightforward." "Incredibly knowledgeable about hydraulics." "Outstanding quality." "Anytime I see an involved project, I quickly get Brian in on it." "Really understands where the client wants to take the design." "You'll have a hard time finding someone better."

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