Franklin Report Report Card for Galo Verdesoto Design  in New York City
★ Franklin Report Card
Galo Verdesoto Design
120 Riverside Blvd
Suite PH-1A
New York, NY 10069
(212) 721-7020
Main Contact: Galo Verdesoto
Interior Design

Services & Specialties
Cosmopolitan, refined interior design

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FR Review:
Galo Verdesoto achieves a look for his clients that is elegant, stylish and informed by a cultural omnivore's sense of curiosity. Verdesoto, a lifelong collector and aesthetic expeditionary, has dipped his toes into many pools – finding inspiration in the forms of nature, Soho/Tribeca lofts, new technology, Japanese design, the unique singularity that is NYC, and much more. He favors an approach borne from NYC’s swirling multiculturalism and eclecticism, its grit and funk and sophistication – combining contrasting elements to create a beautiful and intellectually stimulating result. Clients, however, focus on the end product and highlight Verdesoto's ability to fuse disparate pieces (including their own collections) into an exciting and distinctive yet comfortable home. All find him to be an engaging presence – interesting to talk to, fun to work with and always on top of the myriad details. He is regarded as highly professional and committed to achieving the utmost quality and creativity for his clients.

Verdesoto grew up in New York City and is a graduate of Parson School of Design. He also studied at Pratt Institute and has taught abroad for Parson. Verdesoto has run his boutique firm for over twenty years. By design, the firm is small and personal, allowing Verdesoto to maintain control over all design decisions (as well as execution) at every critical juncture of a project – an arrangement that suits his auteur's approach. One of Verdesoto’s mantras is Quality over Quantity and that also applies to his client/project base. Most projects are in Manhattan for residential clients, but Verdesoto has occasionally taken on commercial work for the right clients (creative types). He also works in the Hamptons and has worked internationally, where he has traveled extensively. Those who engage his services are said to be in for "a creative journey, a distinct look and a wonderful experience.“

Representative Client Comments:
"Galo did an amazing job with every last detail." "Terrific designer." "Finds incredibly creative, cost-effective ways of doing things." "A good ear when it comes to listening to what the client wants." "Works with excellent contractors."

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