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Siris/Coombs Architects

211 West 19th Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10011
(212) 580-2220
Main Contact: Jane Siris, Peter Coombs
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Services & Specialties
Handsome, practical, residential architecture, rooftop additions

FR Review:
Clients speak highly of the integrity of this "honest" firm's work, which we hear combines value with imagination-"a rare commodity these days." The Siris/Coombs vision is a "livable modernism" with an emphasis on clarity of plan, appropriate materials, and attentiveness to detail. Rooms are said to be practical and functional with minimal excess, highlighted by restrained, handsome natural wood surfaces. Noted for a commitment to the residential market, the company's resume includes private homes, townhouses, lofts and apartments in New York City and Connecticut. In addition, rooftop additions have become a unique specialty for which the firm is recognized.

Founded in 1982, the firm established its reputation with a triplex penthouse the principals built for themselves atop a 12-story building. Jane Siris graduated Barnard College with a B.A. and Columbia with an M.Arch. Husband, Peter Coombs received his B.A. from Amherst and his M.Arch. from Columbia. Clients say the firm distinguishes itself with excellent service that includes collaborative up front presentations, regular meetings, and strong/timely execution. This flexible duo reportedly offers a variety of workable options concerning both aesthetics and budget. References were equally impressed with Siris' and Coombs' knowledge of "nuts and bolts" when dealing with contractors and city agencies.

We're told both Siris and Coombs have "top-notch" people skills, and do everything possible to make clients' homes beautiful without bankrupting them. A gentle consistency of form throughout their projects ensures no budgetary or design surprises. The fee is typically a standard percentage of total construction cost.

Representative Client Comments:
"Jane and Peter made suggestions to our apartment that we could not have envisioned, adding economic value and improving our style of living." "Peter is a gentle man and a gentleman with a twinkle in his eye, creative solutions, and impeccable taste." "I am full of admiration for Peter's ability to take a complex project and break it into its many pieces, and then respond to the challenges." "They have always understood easy simplicity-- even before it was fashionable." "Jane has no foibles. None! She is truly an intellectual. I loved working with her." "Creative, highly professional, and well organized." "They bring a sophisticated and well-integrated aesthetic vision to their work."

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