Franklin Report Report Card for Stedila Design in New York City
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Stedila Design

135 East 55th Street
Suite 602
New York, NY 10022
(212) 751-4281
Main Contact: John Stedila, Tim Button

Interior Design

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Services & Specialties
Classical, creative, fanciful high-end interior design

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FR Review:
Stedila Design, led by John Stedila and Tim Button, is applauded for thematic classical elegance infused with spirit and whimsy. Supporters say that they are incredible with creative clients who are interested in design adventures. The two principals have different modus operandi: Stedila is known to be more engaged in extraordinary decorating projects, while Button takes on a wide range.

Recent projects include a Beacon Street townhouse in Boston, a house on Sag Pond in Bridgehampton, a duplex in the Museum Tower, a house in Venice Beach and a SoHo loft. Stedila has done seven different houses for at least one client. We are told that both principals are adept at building extensive and valuable collections for clients and at mixing reproductions with antiques. Supporters claim that each is very accessible and freely admits and corrects any concerns.

The firm charges a standard up-front design fee, reasonable percentages over net for products, and a significant oversight fee. Hourly fee arrangements for consulting can also be made (though are not preferred). The firm clearly gravitates toward quality fabrics and furniture, but can offer a range of options. Supporters highly recommend them for unique, exciting projects. HB Top Designers.

Representative Client Comments:
“Tim and John offer all the best in interior design.” “John is a passionate decorator. Not the guy to use if you want a neutral palette.” “John is best with clients who have a specific point of view. If you are wishy-washy or uninspired, he loses interest.” “If you click with John and capture his imagination, together you can create something truly incredible. I would never consider using anyone else.” “Tim went along with our program, with the greatest integrity and quality. We enjoy mixing unusual and quirky objects and he did it with grace.” “Tim orchestrated our project like a symphony!” “Tim’s sketches are so good, they are a virtual reality.” “Tim has many celebrities and dignitaries as clients but gives you the same level of service.” “Tim was great about coordinating all the construction details.” “They are world-class, but have real personalities.”

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