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Ken Tate Architect

2875 South Ocean Blvd
Suite 200-31
Palm Beach, FL 33480
(985) 845-8181
Main Contact: Ken Tate
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Services & Specialties
Period-informed, estate-sized homes of unrivaled detail and scale

FR Review:
He will insist he is in the top twenty or so, others will contest: Ken Tate just might be the most detailed architect working in the current wave of New Classicism. A Tate structure is textbook engineering fused with artistic innovation; it fearlessly reinterprets the rules without breaking them. Based on a seemingly endless knowledge of each era he manipulates (a few favorites: Georgian-Federal, Cajun-Colonial and Greek revival) his attention to detail is richly informed: the floor of a new stucco and cut stone Mediterranean-style home within historic New Orleans must have oak floors because, while, yes the pine floors from the fancy showroom in NYC may be stunning, you’d never find pine in the Mediterranean. This depth of influence is why one contractor said his Tate project was, “the most difficult and detailed” he’s ever done.

While armed with the certifications to do work of this caliber (a degree from Auburn University, work under Bruce Goff, Sam Mockbee and Richard Davis), even Tate has difficulty finding the words to describe his intuitive, at times unorthodox, process. Maybe it was his Mississippi upbringing, running through the halls and sliding down the staircases of abandoned Civil War era mansions, or that he’s also an abstract painter, or that he’s still moved every time he sees the Pantheon or Villa Vizcaya. Whatever nurtured Tate’s instincts has led him to an approach distinct from his tech-minded contemporaries: listen to the client’s needs, then let it marinate; let the vision come to you, not you to it; and above all, don’t start sketching right away. Those who can appreciate Tate’s artistic temperament are in for a masterpiece.

Tate prefers to work on projects between 10,000 and 40,000 square feet. Anything bigger or smaller is restricting (to him), artistically, and when breaking down the cost per square foot, it more than adds up, financially. Given his preferred aesthetic, Tate feels most at home working on southern estates–in Nashville, Jackson, New Orleans–but has traveled far and wide for the right work. Though Tate has yet to conquer the coasts of California, it’s on his bucket list. We’ve heard whispers of an entertainment exec looking to fulfill that dream in the near future; in the meantime, Tate’s residency on the AD100 certainly won’t hurt his list of inquiries.

Representative Client Comments:
“Stays true to tradition.” “Details, details, details. I’ve never seen scaling like this. Tate’s drawings leave no room for guesswork.” “Ken can be a little OCD but it’s so helpful during the construction phase - he stays on top of everything.” “It can take years, yes, years, but wow.” “He’s an artiste, so the collaboration only goes so far. He’s not going to let you do something that will ruin your house for the sake of letting you have a say. However, if there are changes you truly want, he will work with you to implement them appropriately.” "Ken is a master architect. You'll be proud of the results." "Outstanding client focus." "Committed, dedicated and FUN!" “His office is small - I don’t think there were ten employees - but I think you’d lose that crucial singular voice if it were any bigger.” “It always felt like he was looking out for the project the whole time. Sure it’s in part to uphold his reputation, but he is just so passionate about his craft and won’t give you anything less than the best.” “In the long run it’s the quality you remember, not the cost.” “It takes a special kind of builder to construct a Ken Tate house.” “I can’t imagine there’s another architect giving the attention to detail that he is.”

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