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Dessins LLC/Penny Drue Baird

787 Madison Avenue, Third Floor
New York, NY 10065
(212) 288-3600
Main Contact: Penny Drue Baird
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Services & Specialties
Detailed, thoughtful traditional and modern interior design

FR Review:
Known for her traditional yet extraordinary European style, clients applaud Penny Drue Baird insight, taste, and talents. Her attention to detail, unique perspective, and exacting standards of quality also set her apart. Baird is said to take great pains to match the interiors to the architecture of the house and the personality of the client; attempting "to fulfill each client's fantasy." Baird has a second residence in France, and her work often takes on a Gallic hue, including many an object found at the French flea markets (reclaimed antique ceiling beams, a full-wall 19th-century walnut boiserie, antique carpet runners) and French-inspired craftmanship (fabric upholstered walls, unique lozenge-shaped door handles). Though her designs have ranged from timeless Givenchy classic to Calvin Klein sleek, each is consistent in theme throughout.

A former psychologist, Baird received her decorate in child psychology form the Albert Einstein Medical School. After receiving a degree from NYSID, she adeptly used her psychological training to understand the client's lifestyle and what works best over the long term. With her easy and gracious manner, Baird develops excellent relationships with her clients, who often become friends. There are four assistants to help coordinate about ten medium to huge projects at a time, but Baird does all the shopping herself.

Multiple layers of intricacy play their roles, subtly adding to the effect and to the cost. Most everything is custom and top of the line. Living rooms tend to be in the $175,000+ range. The firm charges higher design fees (for a very complete package) and standard product markups. While thought to be outside of many budgets, those who can secure her services consider her worth every penny, often returning for later projects. AD 100, 2004, 2007, 2010, 2012, 2014. KB 2000, 2005.

Representative Client Comments:
"Impeccable taste." "Penny has unbelievable vision and creativity." "Unending resources, efficiency, speed, and imagination." "She came into my living room and did five things, transforming it from a frumpy, grandmotherly look to the hip and now. My friends and I were amazed." "She is so busy. It would help if she hired a few more office people to leverage her time and answer the phone." "She does not clamor to work on a budget." "Penny and her staff make every project a pleasure." "Penny is incredibly creative and has a great sense of proportion and color." "Amazing work, but she needs space and scope - not a 'one room' decorator." "My house is filled with beautiful objects from Paris and London." "We couldn't imagine our surroundings without her." "It was a huge pleasure to watch Penny transform our house." "If I won the lottery, the first thing I would do is hire her again."

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