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Ace Electrical
1692 Dolores Drive
Campbell City, FL 34746
(877) 932-0191
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Electrical service

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FR Review:
The size and success of Ace can be suggested by a single fact: it is one of the few Florida electrical companies that advertises on television. Indeed, with six statewide locations, Ace covers a lot of physical ground and offers a breadth of services, mostly focused around residential work, ranging from simple rewires and new switches all the way up to design and installation of automated lighting systems. Sources say the firm may not be the number one choice for long-term, complicated new construction projects, but for repair work Ace's approach is known as streamlined and efficient. The company works all over the state, though its trucks won't go as far south as Dade County.

Ace was founded in 1994 by Charles de Pari, and it remains a family-owned business (de Pari's son, Charles Jr. is currently a vice president), though, with over 100 employees, the family has grown large. The company's size and muscle allow it to commit to services other companies can't deliver on, like same-day service (in most cases, say sources) and 7AM to 7PM business hours, seven days a week. But as in any large organization, some employees are better than others, and not all clients experience the same level of quality every time. Still, Ace has a reputation for backing up its work and fixing whatever problems may arise, promptly and efficiently, and at its own expense. For that reason, and because of a simple, no-nonsense approach to billing (simple but not cheap - on site estimates aren't free), the company continues to thrive.

Representative Client Comments:
"It's a big company, and that's both good and bad." "You're not likely to develop a personal relationship with Ace, but they have their process down cold." "A trusted name and great electricians to boot." "Fair pricing, but not cheap."

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