Franklin Report Report Card for Colette Whitney Interior Design Advisor in New York City
★ Franklin Report Card
Colette Whitney Interior Design Advisor
537 Broadway
New York, NY 11012
(212) 219-9654
Main Contact: Colette Whitney
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FR Review:
Trusted by top realtors, Colette Whitney has earned a reputation for successfully staging New York homes. Working together with organizers and contractors, she “takes charge” of the process for overwhelmed homeowners. Clients say her “creative solutions” have been able to quickly move hard-to-sell apartments. Whitney also offers full interior design services, often working with clients to sell one home, and then decorate the next. She has extensive experience designing kitchens and bathrooms and overseeing their construction and installation.

We are told that Whitney is easy to work with and focuses on understanding client preferences, rather than leaving her own imprint on a project. Working with homeowners, and in concert with architects and designers, she is flexible in its style and is reputedly able to satisfy most tastes -- on a moderate budget. This has earned her many long-standing clients, some of whom have trusted her to decorate home after home for close to twenty years.

Representative Client Comments:
“Colette took a disaster and made it sellable.” “The before and after pictures are surreal. My real estate broker was astonished.” “She presented us with reasonable options, not just cool ones.” “We were thrilled. We absolutely loved working with her.” “Colette does what she says she is going to do, and in the time frame she says she will.” “Colette is not the kind of designer who always has to have her way.” "Colette is a consummate professional, and a delight to work with” "I couldn't be more satisfied." "When Plan A didn't work, she had appropriate alternatives ready." "Colette Whitney has an excellent eye." "Listens to your requests and understands.” “She doesn’t tell people they have to do drastic and expensive things.”

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