Franklin Report Report Card for Vesna Bricelj in New York City
★ Franklin Report Card
Vesna Bricelj
535 Dean Street
Suite 408
Brooklyn, NY 11217
(917) 584-9213
Main Contact: Vesna Bricelj
Painters - Decorative, Wallpaperers & Colorists

Services & Specialties
Eclectic; specializing in murals, faux bois and verre églomisé

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FR Review:
With an unmatched hand at faux bois and verre églomisé, and a fondness for letting her travels to Asia inspire her murals, Vesna Bricelj creates eclectic works of art that can inhabit any space in your home. She excels when using strong, dark, dramatic colors, but her range of talents allows for flexibility while interpreting clients’ visions. When the job is done and clients have witnessed her attentiveness to color, they often turn to Bricelj for design advice beyond the paint.

Bricelj spent the first fifteen years of her career in fashion. After graduating from RISD, she showcased her designs, mostly rich-textured knitwear, all over the world. Feeling creatively unfulfilled in the industry, Bricelj enrolled in decorative painting classes at the Isabel O’Neil Studio, acting on a lifelong appreciation for fi ne art and history. Appetite whetted, Bricelj saw a future in painting, and moved on to training at the respected Institut de Peinture Van der Kelen/Logelain in Brussels. In 1994 Bricelj opened her own studio in New York City.

No project is too small for Bricelj–she measures jobs by how creatively stimulating they are, whether a single piece of furniture or multiple rooms. She admits that if “the average person were to call out of the blue,” they might not understand her prices. Bricelj always has a prestigious list of painters on call for large projects, but often works alone when it’s important to maintain a single artistic hand. One client asked Bricelj to lend her immaculate stroke to creating a trompe l’oeil marble look for a lobby. The building manager, unaware of the project, accused her of painting over stone, not realizing Bricelj was putting the finishing touches on her own faux finish.

Representative Client Comments:
“She’s not just good, she’s spectacular!” “When my clients see her faux bois, they are blown away.” “I have others I could call, but I would call her immediately.” “She has a strong opinion because she knows what she’s talking about. But she is conscientious and attentive to the client’s needs and will tone things down if needed.” “She has an amazing sense of color.” “She prices competitively, which is great.”

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