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Hayko Fine Rugs and Tapestries
47-09 30th Street
Suite 502
Long Island City, NY 11106

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Carpets & Rugs
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Museum-quality antique carpet, tapestry and needlepoint cleaning, retail and restoration

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“Hayko’s work cannot be seen–that’s the point. Quality restoration is invisible,” proclaims Hayko Oltaci of Hayko Fine Rugs and Tapestries. Oltaci’s loyal clientele tell us he’s a man who understands that rugs are not only decorative and functional pieces, but historic artifacts as well. Oltaci’s interest in rugs began at the age of 16 in Istanbul when his grandfather gave him an old Turkish rug in need of repair. Oltaci worked in France prior to founding his New York firm in 1992. The company boasts a top-notch atelier in Long Island City where staffers custom-mix the dyes that make their needlework invisible. Impeccable credentials and an industrious nature make Oltaci a favorite of top designers, upscale private collectors, homeowners, museums, dealers and auction houses. High-end clients from around the globe can’t say enough about Hayko’s delicate and painstaking work, which can take over a year on a complicated restoration. Christie’s regularly refers its clients to this firm to care for antique rugs. Reportedly Oltaci is a “pleasure to work with” and a “true artisan.” Prices may be higher than some, but clients say this “amazing craftsman” is worth every penny.

Client Comments:
“The most honest man I know.” “There’s nobody else as good as Hayko.” “A wonderful craftsman. I’ve been using him for at least ten years now.” “He goes out of his way for his clients. He came to my aid in an emergency–came to my home in the evening and repaired my rug right there.” “Major museums know his work is nothing short of perfect.” “Produces results in a timely manner.” “Two rugs bled to the point of being ruined. Hayko admitted that his guys should have checked for bleeding before cleaning, and ultimately gave us a replacement rug.”

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Posted 3/19/2010
Reviewed By:
Katherine Kanaga New York ,NY

Work Quality
Cost Evaluation
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Project Description & Comments:
We had three rugs to be cleaned. Two bled to the point of ruining the rugs. Hayko admitted that his guys should have checked for bleeding before cleaning. Too late for us. He then offered to sell us a rug to replace at a discount, and ultimately gave us a rug. We didn't ask for it and it is not of the same quality as the ruined rugs.
        Cost of Project: $301 - 1,000
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