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To the competitive world of college admissions, IvyWise brings technological innovation, an A+ staff of counselors and tutors, and the expertise of its founder, Dr. Katherine Cohen, who over the years has become something of a celebrity in the industry. Cohen started the firm in 1998, and has slowly grown it from a one-woman operation into a midsize company with international reach (Cohen's promise: "whether it’s via Skype or getting on a plane, we can reach a student pretty much anywhere"). Though IvyWise does offer a range of services for its clients (including admissions advice for promising athletes), its primary goal is to help students gain acceptance into a “good fit” college or university. This is accomplished by a well-honed strategy: the student receives individualized attention from one counselor, but also benefits from regular committee meetings, where the entire staff reviews each student’s application just like an admissions committee would. And with a staff that includes former admissions officers at Yale, Princeton, Georgetown, and the former dean of admissions at UPenn, that's no small advantage. Of course, none of this comes at a bargain rate, and IvyWise is certainly on par with other top-tier counseling firms in terms of price. However, Cohen makes a point of making her advice accessible to students with all size budgets. ApplyWise, the interactive online college admissions program she developed to help students through the applications process, offers top-notch expertise at a relatively low price point. In addition, IvyWise takes on a percentage of clients pro bono each year, and offers free counsel to students and their families through e-newsletters, a blog, Twitter, Facebook and media interviews.
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Penny Drue Baird: Architectural Interiors , New York, NY
"Dr. Kat is perhaps the most well known and highest esteemed expert in college advising."
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