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Augustine Jochec Crystal Repair LLC
529 Route 9.
Watertown, NJ 08758
(212) 517-3287
Main Contact: Augustine Jochec
Ceramic & Glass Repair

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Expert restoration and replicas of glass and crystal

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FR Review:
Augustine Jochec Crystal Repair is the city's premier glass and crystal repair shop and many a New Yorker's first destination when a cherished piece is chipped, cracked or otherwise disfigured. Customers call the small company "uniquely fabulous" and laud repairs as "seamless." Whether the damaged piece is from Waterford, Baccarat, or Steuben, they will know how to proceed. If it's a part you're missing, Glass Restoration can usually recreate it for you.

Owner Augustine "Gus" Jochec learned the trade in the 1960's in old Czechoslovakia and opened shop in NYC in the 1970's. Customers are encouraged to come in for a free estimate, and Jochec is known to frankly state when something isn't worth repairing (unless it's a sentimental piece). One wouldn't bring inexpensive dishware here, but prices are considered reasonable for special items; fixing a chipped wine glass starts at $30. Repair work takes anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

Representative Client Comments:
"They are very honest--if something isn't worth the repair costs, they'll tell you." "From repolishing to grinding to repairing cracks, Mr. Jochec does it all with ease after his 40+ years of business here in New York."

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Barbara Fierman: CEO, New York's Little Elves, New York, NY
I've brought several items here for repair over the years, from an old bowl of my father's from the 1940's to a glass Murano horse. They do such a great job--you can't even tell that it's been repaired. Their turnaround time is great considering the high degree of specialization. I recommend them highly.
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Penny Drue Baird: Architectural Interiors , New York, NY
"Glass Restoration has been going strong for many years. They can smooth the rim on your most precious stemware."
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